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  • BDV has started

    On Monday 5 June the business deployment verification (BDV) exercise began – a critical phase of our government contributions release. This release will see seven additional government payment processes brought into SuperStream (data and payment standards), with eight funds and three gateways involved in the BDV exercise.

    Payments that will now be managed through data and payment standards include:

    • low income superannuation contributions
    • co-contributions
    • superannuation holding account
    • superannuation guarantee (SG).

    We worked closely with the funds involved and appreciate the extra effort they spent to review and confirm messaging at each step – including received payment and subsequent processing. 

    The majority of the issues reported during BDV have been routine in nature and since been resolved. A few continue including:

    • Dual channel

    Some funds have reported receipt of data messages via the previous legacy channel, even though their particular USI had been certified to accept government contributions. In some cases this is a legitimate scenario that funds can expect, for example, where a payment relates to a particular USI that hasn't cutover or isn't certified for GCON2.0-X.

    The cause of a similar but separate issue is being prioritised and a fix is expected in the coming weeks.

    • Data messages not generated for SG recovery run

    The 13 June SG recovery run has seven records still waiting for data messages to be generated. These messages show as processed (in our back-end system) so we're investigating why no data messages were generated or distributed to funds. SG recoveries for funds not participating in BDV were processed and successfully delivered to funds via the legacy channel. We'll be in touch with funds, who participated in BDV, when this issue resolves and the recovery messages can be retriggered.

    We're investigating both of these issues and aiming for a resolution before the end of the BDV exercise. 

    Review of BDV exercise

    BDV will continue throughout June. The review of BDV exercise won't be formally complete until mid-July when we expect to complete our reconciliation and reporting. We advised funds that we'll give them a progress update by the end of June. Depending on the significance of any issues at that point, we'll also tell funds about whether we're likely to proceed with full deployment of government contributions – and what's needed for funds who are working to be ready to deploy into production in July. At this stage in the exercise we feel confident that we will be able to proceed with full deployment.

    We encourage funds still participating in testing for government contributions to continue with their test plans as scheduled and contact if their plans have changed or can come forward.

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