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  • Change is coming to

    To help you navigate the government’s changes to the superannuation system starting on 1 July 2017, and to guide you through the next chapter of SuperStream implementation, we’re updating our web content and developing some new resources tailored for you.

    How can we make our ‘services and support’ resource better?

    One change we've already implemented is the new services and support page. We developed this at the suggestion of the Superannuation Administration Stakeholders Group (SASG). They told us they wanted a simple access point for all the information they need that exists across the various ATO websites and email newsletters.

    The services and support page lists helpful sources of information from across the ATO website, the software developers’ website and our consultation and engagement platform Let’s Talk. It also hosts content from our email newsletters – including CRT Alerts and Super Communique, which are now available on the web for the first time.

    We need to know if our services and support page is meeting your needs and, if not, how we could improve it. To find out, we’re using our Let’s Talk collaboration tool to get your feedback.

    Join the discussion on Let’s TalkExternal Link and tell us what you think.

    We’ll be using your feedback to fine tune the page. We’re also hoping to better understand your role, how you find the information you need to do your job, and what we could do better to help you do this. We value your feedback, and we’ll communicate with you soon after the event about the ideas we received and the any changes we implement.

    What’s new?

    Some changes (like the services and support page) are already available and you’ll notice more changes in the weeks ahead as we continue to tailor our web content to your needs. New features already available include:

    There’s more to come

    Upcoming changes include:

    • information tailored to your needs about possible changes to your reporting obligations and management of member benefits as a result of SuperStream implementation, super changes, and new business-to-government reporting arrangements
    • refreshed, easy-to-read web content to make it easier to find relevant and timely information.
    • We’ll continue to regularly review and update our communication resources to ensure you stay up-to-date and have easy access to the information you need. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions, so please contact us.

    Next steps: Join the discussion on Let's TalkExternal Link

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