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    Super consultation report

    18 July

    The Super consultation and committee schedule for the previous month and for the next two upcoming months.

    Event-based reporting webinar recording available

    18 July

    Information and downloads available for the June Event-based reporting webinar.

    New cross-agency process

    12 July

    We are partnering with other government agencies to streamline your experience in developing innovative retirement income stream products.

    Large super fund industry report released

    28 June

    We have released the results of our large super fund risk differentiation framework (RDF), which is intended to assist large funds assess how well you are meeting your superannuation reporting obligations to the ATO.

    BDV has begun

    27 June

    On Monday 5 June the Business deployment verification (BDV) exercise – a critical phase of our government contributions release began.

    Super consultation report: May and June 2017

    30 May

    A summary of our consultation or engagement activities for super in May and June 2017.

    Recordings of live stream events for super now available

    30 May

    Recordings of live stream events are now available to help you understand the super changes that will come into effect from 1 July 2017.

    The SuperStream roadmap

    30 May

    SuperUpdate article about the SuperStream journey so far and the 18-month change picture ahead.

    More super changes resources for APRA funds

    30 May

    More resources for APRA funds to help their members understand the upcoming super changes have been added to our website.

    Change is coming to ATO

    14 March

    To help you navigate the government’s changes to the superannuation system starting on 1 July 2017, and to guide you through the next chapter of SuperStream implementation, we’re updating our web content and developing some new resources tailored for you.

    Refreshing our public advice and guidance

    14 March

    We are refreshing how we produce, communicate and deliver our public advice and guidance. You can find out how these changes will benefit you and your members by watching our series of videosExternal Link featuring David Koch and a panel of industry experts.

    SuperSeeker decommissioned

    10 March

    In the 2015–16 Federal Budget the government announced a package of measures to reduce red tape for superannuation funds and individuals.

    Helping your members understand super changes

    8 March

    To help your members easily see which super changes may affect them now or in the future, you can refer them to the information and short animated video on our website. You may also receive more enquiries from your members over the coming months due to increasing awareness about the changes.

    Preparation for 2017 large fund industry and tailored diagnostic reports underway

    24 February

    Preparation for the 2017 large fund industry report and tailored diagnostic reports is well underway and we will release the next round of reports to APRA-regulated superannuation funds in March 2017.

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