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  • Superannuation Dashboard announcements changes

    Superannuation Dashboard announcements will no longer be limited to SuperStream services but will include information about unplanned system incidents for other super services provided by the ATO.

    This will include incidents affecting services like the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) and the departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) online application system, as well as super product processing such as remittance and recovery processing for superannuation guarantee and co-contributions.

    We’ll continue to send CRT Alerts as usual in addition to updating the dashboard announcements.

    We'll also update the planned system maintenance section on the dashboard with information about maintenance affecting the SBSCH.

    A decision to include information about these other services an improvement to Dashboard functions and was agreed at the February meeting of the APRA Funds Communications Reference Group. This is a short-term group convened to work with us to co-design improvements to the way we communicate, engage and collaborate with the APRA fund community.

    We appreciate your feedback

    We'll trial this new approach for the next few months and we’d like your feedback about whether this is useful to you. You can provide feedback via the Let's Talk Superannuation Community.

    Next steps:

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