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  • TBAR amendments and Commissioner's commutation authority

    There are important steps to follow when you are amending transfer balance account reporting (TBAR) or responding to a Commissioner's commutation authority (CCA).

    Making amendments

    When you need to amend information previously reported, you will need to:

    1. Cancel the original request

    • If you are lodging a cancellation TBAR, ensure the information matches the previous report.
    • If you are cancelling through MATS, then use your original MATS transaction ID.

    2. Lodge a new report providing the correct information.

    • Ensure a MAAS has been successfully lodged with us before you report the new information through MATS, as this is used to create the TBAR.

    Responding to a Commissioner’s commutation authority (CCA)

    Make sure you report one of the following events in response to the CCA:

    • complied with commuted in full (CC1)
    • complied with commuted in part (CC2)
    • not complied with as the member is deceased (CC3)
    • not complied with as the income stream is a defined benefit (CC4).

    If you do not respond to the commutation authority or tell us why you have not done so, your members income stream will no longer be considered in retirement phase. Assets supporting income streams that are not in retirement phase are not eligible for exempt current pension income.

    If the event is reported ‘commuted in part’ due to exhausting amounts in the account, you will need to report the account as closed on the TBAR as well as lodging the MAAS closed notification.

    This will notify us there are no additional funds available to rectify any excess in that account and ensure no further CCA is issued in relation to that account.

    To find more information on re-reporting, go to Super transfer balance account report instructions.

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