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  • Tips for completing USM adjustment templates

    We've recently had an increase in the number of unclaimed super money (USM) adjustment templates lodged by super funds. We've also seen an increase in the number of errors made in these lodgments.

    USM adjustment templates that are not filled out correctly may cause delays in processing if we are unable to identify the correct provider, member, or lodgment details.

    The following tips will help you complete and lodge the template correctly:

    • follow the instructions and data specifications tabs provided in the template
    • enter the correct provider ABN and name details
    • for 'fund contact person name', 'phone number', and 'contact email', enter the details of the person lodging the adjustment
    • for lodgment date, enter the actual date the lodgment was made, not the scheduled statement date
    • enter the full amount of the original lodgment in column G, even if a partial adjustment is being requested
    • for a partial adjustment, enter the member’s reported amount in column L.

    Note: USM adjustments templates are used where a member's USM has been incorrectly reported to the ATO. Where a member’s USM has been correctly reported and paid to the ATO, they can log into myGov and request to have the amount rolled back into an open account, or paid out directly if they meet eligibility criteria.

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      Last modified: 12 Nov 2018QC 57328