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  • Joining forces with funds to reduce SG non-payment

    We want to work together with large super funds to prevent, and improve the detection of, super guarantee (SG) non-payment.

    Outgoing Assistant Commissioner Debbie Rawlings said we have been working alongside many agencies and partners to focus on what can be done to improve the current levels of non-payment.

    'We have taken action to focus on and better target intervention and responsiveness to non-payment. We are focused on trying to make it easier for employers to understand the SG system, their responsibilities and meeting their obligations.'

    Ms Rawlings said we have also been in discussions with some superannuation funds to find ways to improve the level of fund referrals.

    'We are keen to get referrals from superannuation funds. If you do see instances of non-compliance; we are keen to have them referred to us.'

    Incoming Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte will maintain the focus on unpaid SG.

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