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  • Together, we’ve reached a milestone

    The award-winning partnership between government and the superannuation industry in delivering the SuperStream program has achieved far more than a ‘back-office’ tidy up. It's created key efficiencies in the administration of super through streamlined and digitised transactions among funds and between funds and the government.

    The program is now in its final phase of delivery, and a key milestone has been reached, with the Member account attribute service (MAAS) now operating and the first tranche of super funds on board.

    Jason Lucchese, Assistant Commissioner for SuperStream Delivery, has noted the importance of collaboration in reaching this milestone.

    "Many of the SuperStream services have advanced by working in strong partnership with industry. What the new system means for funds is that they only need to report when there's a change to an account attribute. For members, it means increased visibility and access to their super accounts in one place. For the ATO it means we'll hold the latest information about members," said Jason.

    Jason also mentioned how we've collaborated with others on this service.

    "Our intense collaboration with industry and other stakeholders over the past 12 months is the reason for our success. How we look ahead from SuperStream and beyond is also critical for industry and fund members."

    We’ve all had to innovate, adapt and re-design our systems to deal with change across super policy and regulatory settings but before we consider the benefits which will accrue, it’s worth reflecting how we got to where we are today.

    When the 2016 Budget measures came into effect, largely from July last year, the ATO had a way to go as we moved to better understand and leverage our interdependence with industry. Looking back, we can see how SuperStream has enabled a fundamental shift.

    SuperStream together with Single Touch Payroll is modernising our systems. Fund members will experience a range of benefits including greater visibility of their accrued and paid super, and for the first time the ATO will have a near real-time information flow to assist with SG compliance.

    Stay tuned for more progress reports on this transition to a truly 21st century super system.

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