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  • Unclaimed Superannuation Money Outcome Response messages

    During the last unclaimed superannuation money (USM) period we published reminder messages about ensuring you check your USM reporting with USM Outcome Responses (USMORs) to ensure your USM reporting has been successful.

    We are reiterating our messaging for this USM reporting period as we still see this issue occurring.

    When reporting and paying unclaimed super money via SuperStream, you need to check for two types of messages to confirm successful receipt of data messages:

    • Technical receipt – this advises we have received your data message via the ATO gateway
      • if you don’t receive a technical receipt you need to contact your gateway to see why the data message was rejected, correct the data message and resend it to us
      • if you receive a technical receipt, check for a USMOR
    • USMOR – this advises the status of your data message
      • if you receive a successful USMOR, the client details have been recorded on the members account in ATO systems and no further action is required
      • if you receive an unsuccessful USMOR, it will include an error code. You need to check the error code to see why the data message rejected, correct the data message and resend to us.

    If you cannot determine why the message has been rejected or if you receive a technical receipt but no USMOR and need assistance, email link opens in a new window.

    The following information must be provided to enable us to investigate the issues:

    • data message conversation ID
    • payment reference number (PRN)
    • dollar value
    • date
    • error code

    Lodgments and the resulting USMORs should be reconciled in a timely manner. After 30 days, we are unable to provide details on why a lodgment was not successfully processed.

    USM is not allocated to a members account in ATO systems until a successful lodgment and matching payment have been received. Any delay in a fund reconciling their USM files with USMORs will impact the ability to reunite individuals with their USM.

    You may be contacted if we identify discrepancies with your lodgments and payments.

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      Last modified: 25 Mar 2021QC 65152