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  • Unclaimed super and lost member reporting obligations

    APRA funds need to meet their legislated obligations for member reporting and other associated payment obligations. This includes reporting and paying unclaimed super money (USM) and lost member assessment reporting.

    Unclaimed super money

    To meet their reporting obligations under the Superannuation (unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Act 1999 (SUMLMA) for the statement period 1 July to 31 December 2021, on or before 30 April 2022 funds need to report and pay:

    • unclaimed super monies
    • unclaimed super of former temporary residents
    • small and insoluble lost member accounts
    • inactive low-balance accounts.

    If there are no unclaimed monies, lost member or inactive low balance accounts to report and pay, funds need to lodge a non-lodgment advice.

    Section 20C notices

    Funds who have recently received a Section 20C notice (former temporary residents) have a legislative requirement to either:

    • pay the balance of the account listed on the notice to us by 30 April 2022, then report the account as closed via Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) within 5 days of closing the account, or
    • reject the notice, using the correct reason code:
      • member was not found (reason code SUPER.GEN.GEN.21)
      • individual is no longer a member (reason code SUPER.GEN.GEN.22)
      • member has a pending payment (reason code SUPER.GEN.RLVR.7).

    Reporting obligations in the data standard

    To ensure successful processing when reporting USM in the data standard, funds must complete all fields correctly. This includes:

    • funds lodging Trustee Voluntary Payments or Inactive Low Balance Accounts should report these via Rollover version 3 using code 'V' and 'L' respectively
    • matching the payment reference number (PRN) in both the data and payment message
    • matching the reported amount to the payment amount

    Funds should review each lodgment's unclaimed money outcome response (USMOR) to confirm the data message was successful. An unsuccessful USMOR provides details of the reason for the rejection so funds can correct the data message and re-lodge.

    Non-responses to lodgments should be followed up by lodging a request through the Super Enquiry Service. A unique PRN cannot be re-used within a 12 month period.

    Lost member reporting

    Funds are required to assess the lost status of their members at least twice a year:

    • on or after 31 December, but before 30 April
      • if there's been a change in the member’s ‘lost status’ account attribute, report that information on or before 30 April
    • on or after 30 June, but before 31 October.
      • if there's been a change in the member’s ‘lost status’ account attribute, report that information on or before 31 October

    Unable to meet your reporting obligations?

    If funds are unable to meet their obligations, they can request a deferral using super enquiry service.

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