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  • Update to release authorities

    We will be updating the release authority (RA) and release authority statement (RAS) for excess super contributions and Division 293 tax.

    From 1 July 2018

    The RA and RAS we issue to funds will be modified for excess concessional contributions and excess non-concessional contributions (ENCC) elections to release amounts. The key changes are that amounts released for ENCC are now issued to us and funds have 20 business days to return the RAS and released amount to us.

    From October 2018

    We are streamlining the RAS into one product for excess concessional contributions and ENCC and Division 293. The format of the form is also changing to allow it to be automatically read by optical scanners when we receive them.

    Provide your feedback

    Visit Let’s Talk – Superannuation Community to view the July 2018 and October 2018 Release authority and Release authority statements for excess contributions and Division 293 tax, and provide us with your feedback.

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