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  • Update to the alternative approach for lodging Release Authority Statements

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood that funds and administrators had to implement changes to their workforce arrangements. In response, we assisted with an alternative electronic option to lodge Release Authority Statements (RAS) and End Benefit Notices (EBN) on excel templates via Online services for business as outlined in CRT Alert 011/2020.

    With funds transitioning to SuperStream v3 by 30 September 2021, the alternative electronic option for RAS will no longer be required therefore from 31 October 2021 the alternative approach will no longer be offered in respect to RAS.

    We understand that some concerns have been raised regarding non-streamlined RAS that were not included in the above approach and are not transitioning to SuperStream.

    We are currently reviewing these processes and will provide further updates soon.

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      Last modified: 07 Jul 2021QC 66234