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  • Updated draft timeline for the rollovers v3.0 deployment in December 2020

    The draft timeline for the Rollovers v3.0 deployment in December 2020, which allows for a transition period to 31 March 2021, is now available on our Software Developers' webpage.

    We developed the timeline in consultation with our external co-design group, reaffirming our commitment to industry following the recent publication of the Rollover v3.0 MIG, User Guide and Business Implementation Guides for the SMSF Verification Service and SMSFmemberTICK service.

    We're currently finalising the message structure tables for these two new services and can provide the following updates:

    • SMSFmemberTICK artefacts are expected to be published by the end of January
    • the SMSF Verification Service will be updated to include the certification value and will be available in February.

    We'll let you know when these artefacts are published.

    The validation rules for the two services will be released with the external vendor testing environment (EVTE) deployment.

    Next steps:

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