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  • Updates on APRA fund guidance

    We're currently updating guidance material for super fund reporting and the following two chapters of the fund reporting protocol will be published shortly on our website. You can request a tracked change version of these documents by contacting Super CRT.

    Lost members register protocol

    This document now includes the change of legislation that removed the requirement to report lost members via a separate lost members statement (LMS) and its associated bi-annual reporting dates. We consulted with industry about the changes and, where possible, have incorporated feedback.

    Provision of member information

    We’ve included guidance on how to use the provision of details service to help identify members affected by the changes to insurance introduced by the Protecting Your Super package. This aligns with guidance previously communicated through CRT Alert 031/2019 - Updated guidance on using the provision of details service.

    We've made changes to the following chapters and these will be available shortly for consultation on Let's talk.

    Unclaimed superannuation money protocol

    This document provides guidance about unclaimed super money and other reporting and payment obligations under the Superannuation (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Act 1999 (SUMLMA). The document has been restructured, making it easier to navigate. Updates include information to help funds meet their reporting obligations in the data and payment standard and also content on inactive low balance accounts.

    Successor fund transfer protocol

    This protocol has been updated following a workshop with super funds. It's being reviewed for technical accuracy before being made available for consultation, which should be in the next few weeks.

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    We're continuing to improve our guidance and the following chapters will be updated in the coming months:

    • member account reporting and validation
    • amendments
    • contributions
    • annual amounts and balances

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