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  • We will be contacting trustees regarding SuperMatch

    In recent months, the ATO has observed suspicious activity with online account creation that is connecting to the SuperMatch service. This may lead to unauthorised rollover requests to move superannuation between funds or lead to loss of information and the movement of money.

    This is similar behaviour that saw us turn the SuperMatch service off in May 2020 and introduce new member verification processes as an additional control to protect the data provided by the ATO through SuperMatch. The current activity may indicate the new controls introduced in version 9 of the terms & conditions may not be working as well as intended.

    Strong client verification helps to protect super funds, your members, and Australia’s tax and superannuation systems from misuse and abuse due to identity theft and related issues.

    Next steps

    We recently met with industry representatives to discuss these issues and in the next week will be contacting fund trustees, who are now using SuperMatch. This will help us understand individual fund experiences and their existing controls around the use of the service.

    This will lead to a fuller understanding of the current issues and will inform further guidance, or best practice on what minimum monitoring and controls funds must have in place to continue using SuperMatch.

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