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  • 'Please resolve' (possible incorrect TFN) letters

    We issue 'please resolve' letters if:

    • the TFN or other personal details reported for a member (name, date of birth and address) do not match our records
    • we cannot determine the correct TFN for the member.

    The 'please resolve' letter was suggested by funds to give them the opportunity to use their own processes (for example, flagging these members in order to initiate follow-up action upon the member's next contribution) to correct a TFN before an Invalid TFN (Section 299TB) notice is issued.

    When you receive a 'please resolve' letter you need to:

    • find out the correct TFN or updated member details (that is, full name, address or date of birth)
    • if your records are incorrect, advise us by re-lodging your MCS within 60 calendar days of receipt of the letter. Note that other than the updated fields, all other member details on the re-lodged MCS must be the same as originally reported.

    If the member confirms the data you hold is correct, you can ask the member to update their details with us directly by:

    If the member advises you that the fund's records are incorrect, you should:

    • arrange to update their member records as required
    • re-lodge the MCS as outlined in the letter.

    If there is no response to the 'please resolve' letter within 60 calendar days, the member will automatically be considered for a subsequent Invalid TFN (Section 299TB) notice. Only members we still cannot find a TFN for will be included in a notice.

    Last modified: 08 Sep 2015QC 45231