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  • Accessing the online system for funds

    Super funds and RSAs can access applications submitted by their members and DASP intermediaries through the DASP online application system (select the 'Superannuation providers' link). You’ll need an AUSkey.

    DASP online application system

    You will only be able to access applications for your fund or for funds that have nominated you as their administrator.

    Once you open an application, it is no longer regarded as 'new' and when closed will no longer be visible to you. So it’s important to always download the claims once opened.

    You should check the DASP online system on a regular basis to see if claims are waiting for you to download and action. Once a claim has been received (including any additional supporting evidence that may be required) it must be processed within 28 days.

    To reject an application

    You may use the system to indicate that you have rejected an application. The system will prompt you to provide a reason. An email message will automatically be sent to the applicant (or their intermediary).

    If an application is rejected because the benefits have been transferred, the applicant will be prompted to re-submit their application. This re-submitted application will include details of the original application as well as details supplied by the transferring funds.

    Contact details

    A fund, or the fund's administrator, can view and update the contact details used by the system. These details provide a contact address for applicants should they need to follow up their applications.

    Nominate administrator

    A fund may nominate another organisation – their administrator – to access and process applications submitted by their members. The administrator must have an AUSkey to access the system. When that administrator gains access to the system, they may view, print and reject the applications.

    Once an administrator is nominated, the fund will no longer be able to view applications submitted by their members.

    If you experience difficulties using the DASP online system email

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