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  • CRT Service commitment

    The Superannuation Client Relationship Team (CRT) provides a premium service to APRA Super funds and their administrators.

    You should use the below codes when emailing

    CRT data codes and service commitments

    ATO services (ATOServ)

    ATO Service commitment – ASAP.

    • Outages or performance issues with ATO services.

    Complaints and hardship (COMP)

    ATO Service commitment – three days.

    Complaint cases before the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal and Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

    • Complaints raised by the Fund Trustee/Administrator
    • Early Release Superannuation Benefits (ERSB) / Compassionate Release of Superannuation.

    Data messages (DATA)

    ATO Service commitment – five days.

    • Govt contributions or rollovers
    • RARN / RBS files
    • EFT payments without supporting correspondence/data messages
    • Small Business Super Clearing House data messages and payments.

    Member issues (MBR)

    ATO Service commitment – five days.

    • Division 293
    • FTECC, RENCC determinations or ECT, RECC notices
    • First Home Super Saver (FHSS)
    • Downsizer
    • Provision of Details Service (PODS)
    • Member Account Attribute Services (MAAS), Member Account Transaction Services (MATS) and MCS reporting, for example, contributions, account status, attributes (including lost) and balances
    • Departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP)
    • Payment Variation Advice (PVA) or error response messages
    • Release Authority Statements (RAS)
    • SuperMatch, SuperTICK, and tax file number (TFN) Matching
    • Temporary resident notification or incorrect payments
    • Surcharge obligations
    • Total superannuation balance (TSB), Transfer balance cap (TBC) and Excess transfer balance (ETB) data and reporting.
    • TFN mismatches / MAAS 96604 errors.

    Successor fund transfers and change of administrator (SFT/Chg admin)

    ATO Service commitment – ten days

    • Successor Fund Transfer
    • Wind-up of an APRA fund
    • Involuntary superannuation account transfer
    • Change of fund administrator.

    Fund enquiries (FND)

    ATO Service commitment – ten days

    • MAAS, MATS, LMR and USM lodgment extension requests
    • GIC explanation and remission
    • Outcome responses
    • Requests for statements of account
    • Voluntary disclosures.

    All other enquiries or no code provided (OTH)

    ATO Service commitment – ten days.

    Mutual expectations

    To ensure efficient resolution of issues the ATO and industry have established mutual expectations.

    Industry stakeholders

    Industry stakeholders have agreed to:

    • not escalate issues unless you first make use of existing self-help tools (for example
    • streamline email subject line content
      • start with the appropriate code
      • limit each email to one code type
      • do not mark emails as urgent or otherwise 
    • ensure message content includes all essential information to help the response timeframe
      • administrator name
      • fund name/ABN
      • sufficient member information, provide member account number and member name, do not include TFNs in email
      • confidential information to be provided via DTF only (provide File Id and name)
      • details of the issue
      • include relevant historic email content
      • your direct phone number 
    • code emails according to enquiry type to ensure correct prioritisation
    • send emails only to Super CRT in the first instance, they will contact other ATO recipients on your behalf if or when necessary.


    We have agreed to:

    • action cases within agreed timeframes or provide an update on a delivery timeframe
    • support industry in resolving Superannuation Complaints Tribunal / AFCA/ Trustee complaint cases within three days
    • be mindful of issues and prioritise workflow accordingly. For example, prioritise extension of time to lodge requests when late system issues impact stakeholder ability to comply with a lodgment date requirement
    • use opportunities to personalise interactions and add value in the resolution of difficult or complex issues
    • negotiate and influence downstream stakeholders and subject matter experts to work towards resolution (or a timeframe for resolution of CRT escalations within agreed timeframes)
    • provide regular updates on achievement against service commitments.

    Mutual agreements

    Together we agree to:

    • review the effectiveness of this process through the Superannuation Administration Group (SAG) take into account
      • stakeholder feedback to improve the overall experience
      • changes delivered by the transition of
        • ATO services to SBR2
        • SuperStream implementation
        • MAAS and MATS.

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