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    Inbound email channels

    The internet is not a secure environment. We don't control the path of emails, so privacy of personal information can't be guaranteed. If you choose to email us, be aware of this risk.

    Existing self-help tools

    Before escalating an issue to a mailbox, we suggest you make use of existing self-help tools, such as:

    Single primary mailbox contact point

    For queries that can't be resolved online, email the relevant team. The below email addresses should be the first point of contact unless your enquiry requires specialist advice.

    If you're unsure of where to direct an enquiry, email Super CRT.

    The CRT team will contact relevant ATO business areas on your behalf if necessary.

    Primary contact points

    Operational enquiries

    Email for operational topics using the following data codes.

    Consultation and co-design enquiries

    For consultation and co-design topics, including early stage or new policy projects email Super&  

    Digital service provider enquiries

    For enquiries relating to the development of tax and super software email

    Law interpretation enquiries

    For advice on the application of the law to a specific individual or group of taxpayers or clients:

    Specialist contact points

    Diagnostics reports and RDF enquiries

    Email for enquiries about:

    • diagnostic reports
    • assurance activities (addressed to designated engagement officers)
    • risk differentiation framework (RDF) re-design.
    SuperStream enquiries

    Email for data and payment standard enquiries, including:

    • technical queries
    • readiness and implementation.

    For enabling services – SuperMatch and Fund Validation Service enquiries email

    Secretariat for cross-agency forum for innovative retirement income stream products

    For enquiries email

    Protecting your super package

    Email for Protecting your super package enquiries including:

    • Inactive low-balance accounts
    • Proactive consolidation


    When you send an email to one of our mailboxes, an acknowledgement reply will be issued. It will include the team's service level agreement (SLA) for resolving enquiries (currently in development for Specialist contact points). If needed, the mailbox will negotiate with downstream stakeholders to work towards resolution within the SLA's timeframe. They will also provide a progress update if the enquiry is still unresolved within the expected timeframe.

    The area actioning the enquiry will send the final advice directly to you.

    If further clarification is needed, send a follow-up email to the mailbox you received the response from.

    What to include in your email

    To assist us in directing enquiries quickly to the appropriate team, we ask that you:

    • ensure the subject matter of the email enquiry is clearly stated in the email’s header
    • include all relevant background on the issue, including any records such as emails and other forms of contact with us on the issue.

    Re-escalating an issue

    Allow sufficient resolution time before re-escalating the issue (in line with the SLA in the acknowledgement reply).

    If you need to re-contact a mailbox:

    • send a follow-up email to the mailbox originally contacted
    • carbon copy (CC) the original mailbox, if escalating to another contact point.

    Note: No reply will be provided where a mailbox is CC'd into an email.

    General super enquiries


    We consult widely with key members of the super community through various consultation forums on issues that affect the super system.

    For more information:

    Making a complaint

    We support your right to make a Complaint and we are committed to treating complaints seriously, dealing with them quickly and learning from them.


    We welcome your Compliments and suggestions. We will not respond directly to these, but they will be considered as your suggestions are important to us.

    Ordering publications

    If you know the full title or NAT number of the publication you want:

    Phone (general enquiries)

    Phone us on 13 10 20 8.00am to 6.00pm (local time) Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

    Policy issues

    Contact the ATO Consultation Hub to raise a super policy issue where our interpretive or administrative approach provides an unintended outcome or has potential for a wide range of consequences across a segment of the superannuation industry.

    Progress of new legislation

    See New legislation to track the progress of new legislation from announcement through to royal assent.

    The pages also provide information about the administrative treatment of retrospective legislation.

    Super guarantee intelligence from third parties

    There are a few options available for enquiries involving super guarantee (SG) intelligence from third parties such as funds and unions.

    To notify us of employers failing to pay super guarantee:

    If you are an employee complaining about your employer not paying enough super, see Unpaid super from your employer and follow the steps.

    We can only acknowledge receipt of referrals made by third parties. The Privacy Act 1988 and taxation law prevent us from telling you about our investigations into specific taxpayers.

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