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  • How to report

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    Reporting methods and lodgment

    You can lodge a TBAR to report information to us by:

    • completing an online form if you are an SMSF trustee or administrator
    • BDE (bulk data exchange) submitting a data file through the file transfer facility in the business portal or tax agent portal (the file must meet our bulk data entry specifications and you will generally need support from a software provider to do this)
    • completing the recognised spreadsheet if you are a tax agent
    • mailing a paper report.

    Depending on which method you use, you may be able to report multiple events for multiple members using an electronic method or up to four events per member on each paper form.

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    Correcting a report

    If you need to correct information you have reported to us in your TBAR, you must cancel the original report and then lodge a separate report with the correct information.

    The instructions specific to the lodgment method used contain further information on how to amend an incorrect report.

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