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  • Be Super Scheme Smart – if in doubt, check it out

    We have seen an increase in aggressive tax planning retirement planning schemes as over one third of Australians approach retirement and are looking at ways to maximise their retirement assets and income.

    You're most at risk of being targeted by promoters of these schemes if you are:

    • approaching retirement
    • a trustee of a self-managed super fund (SMSF)
    • intending to be a self-funded retiree.

    Super Scheme Smart is an initiative designed to inform you about the retirement planning schemes that are of concern to us.

    These schemes are designed by their promoters solely to help you avoid paying tax by channelling money inappropriately through an SMSF.

    Retirement planning is everyone's right and makes good sense as long as it’s done within the tax and superannuation laws.

    We want to help you protect your retirement nest egg and provide guidance on what to look out for and where to go for help.

    Super Scheme Smart provides information and resources including an information pack, case studies and videos.

    For more information visit Super Scheme Smart.

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