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  • Provision of SMSF details to employers

    As of 28 October 2016 all employers are required to be SuperStream compliant. Employers will send contributions electronically to super funds using the SuperStream standard. This includes self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

    All super funds (including SMSFs) that receive employer contributions have a requirement to be able to receive contribution payments and associated data electronically.

    An SMSF is exempt from SuperStream if it only receives employer contributions from a related-party employer. For example, if you're an employee of your family business and your super guarantee contributions go to your SMSF, these contributions are exempt from the SuperStream standard. If the SMSF receives contributions from any non-related employers the SMSF must use SuperStream for those contributions.

    Employers will need to collect some new information and update employee records in their payroll file to enable employee contributions to be sent electronically via the SuperStream standard.

    For employees with SMSFs this includes providing the fund's ABN and bank account details and a registered electronic service address to their employer.

    Email template

    You can use the following email template to provide your SMSF details to your employer.

    SuperStream details

    The following information is provided to confirm that <Insert self-managed fund name> is ready to receive contributions sent using SuperStream.

    Fund ABN:

    Fund bank account details:

    • BSB:
    • Account number:

    Fund electronic service address:


    <Insert name of employee>

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