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  • SMSF changes you must tell us about

    As a trustee of an SMSF, you must give us written notice within 28 days if there is any change to the following:

    • the name of the fund
    • the address of the fund
    • details of the contact person for the fund
    • the membership of the fund
    • the trustees of the fund
    • the directors of the fund’s corporate trustee.

    You need to notify us of any changes to your SMSF’s bank account details and Electronic service address.

    These details are used to determine if your fund meets the definition of an SMSF.

    Incomplete or inaccurate information may make it impossible for your fund to receive rollovers and contributions. You can update the details of your SMSF:

    • online at Link
    • through a registered agent
    • by phoning us on 13 10 20 (you must be the authorised contact for your SMSF).
      Last modified: 26 Sep 2017QC 53388