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  • Changes to how you notify us of your SMSF details

    If your SMSF details change, you need to let us know within 28 days, the way this information needs to be reported to us has changed.

    Financial institution account (FIA) details

    If your SMSF has new or updated FIA details, you can let us know online via myGov, through a registered agent or you can contact us by phone.

    You can no longer use the Change of details for superannuation entities paper form to update FIA changes.

    Electronic service address (ESA)

    You can now advise us of a new or updated ESA through your registered tax agent, who can report it to us online.

    You can also notify us of this change by phone or via the Change of details for superannuation entities paper form.

    If an employer is making contributions to your SMSF for one of your members, you also need to give them your ESA.

    Remember that not all SMSFs need an ESA - if you aren't sure whether your SMSF needs one you can find out more at Electronic service address.

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