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  • Incorrect MATS reporting

    As we approach the end of the financial year, it is a good time for funds to make sure your member contributions reported through MATS is accurate and complete. Unchecked errors could result in unintended consequences for your members, which we may not be unable to reverse.

    When reporting MATS transactions for a member, make sure the:

    • contribution amounts and types are reported correctly at the correct label for that type of contribution
    • fund ABN, USI and member account identifiers exactly match what was reported when the account was opened in a Member Account Attribute service (MAAS).

    Many processes within the ATO, and displayed to your member through ATO Online, use the type and amount of contributions reported on the MATS reporting.

    With the increase of automated processing, and the extension of release authorities into SuperStream, we are less likely to be able to assist funds to remediate any reporting errors before they're used to assess members against contribution caps and other measures.

    For assistance with reporting obligations, lodge an enquiry using the Super Enquiry Service.

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      Last modified: 18 May 2022QC 69623