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  • Reminder for trustees when using SuperMatch

    Trustees must ensure their SuperMatch systems and controls are operating effectively. We would like to remind trustees of their obligation to actively monitor their SuperMatch usage and remain compliant with the terms and conditions of use. 

    We are actively monitoring funds usage of SuperMatch and making contact where we see unusual activity.

    We have seen an increase in activity where the same member is submitted through SuperMatch multiple times on the same day from the same fund. Account information for the member is highly unlikely to change on the same as this causes increased load on our processing systems that may affect the performance of our other services. It may also indicate potential system issues within fund SuperMatch solutions.

    Funds should be monitoring for this type of activity and where necessary look at introducing controls that prevent sending multiple requests to the ATO for the same person on the same day.

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      Last modified: 18 Nov 2021QC 67348