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  • SuperStream: Rollover version 3 and Release Authorities Production Readiness checklist

    MIG3 users must use this form to notify the ATO that their systems and business processes to support Release Authority transactions have been established, tested and are confirmed as ready for production cutover.

    In scope for this release are:

    • SuperStream Release Authority for FHSSS and
    • SuperStream Release Authority for CCAPS / Division 293
    • SuperStream Rollovers to/from SMSFs.

    This form may be completed by a person or entity with formal authority to act on behalf of the superannuation fund – for example, an authorised administrator, Tax agent or intermediary where this is part of their agreed business practice.

    You should submit this form** only when the fund has confirmed their readiness to cutover to production. It is a fund’s decision to determine their readiness to cutover.

    Specify in the form below which Service certification this applies to; that is, GROL3.0-X and ROLL3.0-X or both. If you are releasing these Services separately, you must provide a separate checklist for each.

    Aspects to consider in this decision include:

    • Sufficient EVTE testing across all registry platforms (as per the conformance test suite) has been conducted to allow self-certification of production system(s) and operational processes
    • Necessary production systems, processes and personnel are in place
    • There is an existing GROL3.0-X and ROLL3.0-X or both certification value on the Fund Details Register for each relevant USI included in this release.


    Please review and complete the checklist below, noting the specific fund(s) and USI(s) the form is being submitted for.

    Ensure the relevant person within the fund with responsibility and accountability to implement Release Authority has provided approval of your response.

    Once you have completed a response for each question please save a copy of the completed checklist for your records and send a copy to

    SuperStream: Business to Government – Release Authority Production Readiness checklist

    Fund name(s) and ABN(s):

    USI(s) ready for production cutover (if required):

    (Attach separate spreadsheet if required)

    Tick the Service Certification(s) applicable:






    Person completing the form:


    Contact number:




    Activities completed


    Completed – Y or N

    1. Sufficient testing has been completed

    Confirmation that sufficient testing has been conducted including:

    • Integration testing between your solution provider and fund; and
    • The type of integration testing required will depend on the type of message exchange solution implemented between the fund and solution provider(s)
    • AND
    • Peer to peer testing between the ATO and fund giving coverage across all registry platforms within the fund     


    Y or N

    Business readiness check

    Confirmation that necessary business processes, production systems and personnel are in place, including:

    • operating and support processes and procedures, including necessary recovery processes
    • operational and support personnel training or guidance
    • outsourced partnering arrangements for data processing and money handling or both.    


    Y or N

    2. Confirmation OR approval of responses**

    Where applicable, approval has been received from the fund Trustee.


    Where the Administrator is completing this form, and it is part of their agreed business process to act on behalf of the Trustee, they can sign this form but should ensure the Trustee is copied into their response back to the ATO.

    Y or N

    ** Explanatory notes:

    When to submit this form

    You should submit this form AFTER you have confirmed your readiness to cutover to production. This means you must be satisfied you have done enough testing to warrant self-certification of production systems and operational processes.

    Confirmation of responses (Q3)

    Administrators acting on behalf of a trustee and completing this form as part of their agreed business practice do not need to seek additional approval of their responses but should carbon copy the trustee on the responses and checklist sent to the ATO on their behalf.

    Providing Readiness Notification information

    It is acceptable for industry to send the Readiness Notification information dealing with multiple USIs in spreadsheet form (e.g. one checklist, with attached spreadsheet covering all respective USIs).

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