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  • What's new in ATO online for SMSF members

    New functionality is now available for self-managed super fund (SMSF) members using ATO online via myGov, giving fund members visibility of their super transactions.

    Greater visibility of super will give Australians more control over their retirement savings, including being able to check whether their super is being paid.

    Displaying employer contributions for SMSF members

    • ATO online will now display employer contributions made to an SMSF on the Fund Transactions screen
    • contributions to SMSFs will be displayed as employer contributions rather than one of the four existing contribution categories (super guarantee, voluntary award, and salary sacrifice) as SMSFs don't need to report that level of detail.

    What else SMSF members can see and do using ATO online via myGov

    • see employer contributions reported by their super fund
    • see their employer’s super guarantee obligations on their income statement
    • see their super fund accounts and balances, and their total super balance as at 30 June of the previous year
    • find lost and ATO-held super and transfer amounts into active super accounts
    • see bring forward arrangement information for the non-concessional contribution cap
    • view transfer balance cap details
    • elect to release money from super to pay for liabilities such as Div 293, and excess contribution tax
    • apply for the First home super saver (FHSS) scheme and see related information including their FHSS scheme tax liability and establish and view payment plans
    • apply to access some super early (in limited circumstances)
    • see super accounts closed on or after 1 July 2018.

    What is myGov?

    • myGov is the whole-of-government authentication solution accessed through the website: Link
    • myGov enables individuals and sole traders to link, with one username and password, to a range of Australian Government services all in the one place.
    • you must link your myGov account to the ATO to use ATO Online services.
    • myGov also includes the myGov Inbox. Once registered, you will receive messages from linked government agencies. It also includes the ‘tell us once’ service, which lets you update contact details for multiple linked government agencies in one go.

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