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  • More information on MAAS and MATS

    Technical documentation

    There are technical documents that detail the full MAAS and MATS designs. These documents should be used to inform your system build.

    The documents are hosted on the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) website, however they use different naming conventions.

    MAAS and MATS:

    • MAAS and MATS are both found within the Super Member (SPRMBR) suite.
    • The SPRMBR Package documents contain both MAAS and MATS documentation.


    • MAAS is referred to as Super Member Information or SPRMBRINFO.
    • MAAS documentation can also be found within the SPRMBR Package.

    In addition to this, MAAS technical documents cover two different interaction types:

    • MAAS reporting of changes to phases and attributes is done through the Submit or Maintain member account (MMA) interaction.
    • The optional Provision of Details (POD) service is referred to as Get or Provision of Details.


    • MATS is referred to as Super Member Account Transactions or SPRMBRACCTX.
    • MATS documentation can also be found within the SPRMBR Package.

    Note: Technical documents will have a status of 'draft' however they are the locked down versions. Standard process is for these documents to remain with a status of draft even though they are the build versions. Status will be updated to 'final' near implementation stage.

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    Protocol documents should be used by super providers to provide guidance on meeting their obligations. The protocols may:

    • provide technical guidance
    • explain key terms
    • outline guidelines on practical administration.

    With the introduction of event-based reporting, a number of protocols are being updated. You will find the latest available protocols from APRA resources.

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    Legal framework


    A new legislative instrument will be introduced requiring super providers to report all member accounts and updates to these member accounts within five business days, effective from 1 April 2018 using the MAAS service.

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    A new legislative instrument (LI) for MATS will also be introduced requiring super providers to report all member account contributions and transactions within ten business days, effective from 1 July 2018 using the MATS service.

    We expect the draft LI to issue in April 2018.

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