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  • Are you paying the SuperStream way?

    When making super guarantee or salary sacrifice contributions for your employees, you need to pay the SuperStream way. This means you must send both the payment and the employee information electronically, in a standard format.

    Select how you currently make super contributions for employees to check if it meets SuperStream requirements:

    Super fund portal

    Most large funds have online super portals that are free for their default employers. If you use this option to pay super for your employees, you are SuperStream compliant.

    Payroll software

    Many payroll software products are SuperStream compliant. Use the SuperStream product registerExternal Link to check if your software is compliant.

    If it's not compliant, you may need to upgrade your software to a newer version or choose another SuperStream payment option.

    See also:

    Clearing house

    You are SuperStream compliant if you use a commercial clearing house or our Small Business Superannuation Clearing House to pay super contributions.

    Accountant or bookkeeper

    Your accountant or bookkeeper can meet your SuperStream obligations on your behalf. Talk to them to confirm you are SuperStream compliant.

    Your accountant or bookkeeper can use the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House on your behalf.

    EFT or BPAY direct to the fund

    If you currently pay directly to a super fund with EFT or BPAY, you must also send the employees information electronically (not by email). Direct contributions can only continue with special agreement from each of your super funds.

    Next steps:

    • Contact your fund(s) to see if direct contributions can continue or if any changes are required.
    • If you can continue paying direct to the fund, you can also use a messaging portal for the electronic information requirements. A messaging portal will generate reference numbers to use in your online banking.

    Cheque direct to the fund

    Paying super by cheque directly to a fund is not a SuperStream compliant solution. Super contributions must be made electronically in an approved format.

    Next steps:

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