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  • EmployerTICK

    EmployerTICK is an online service you can use to validate employee details prior to making the first contribution to a super fund.

    Using EmployerTICK is voluntary, but it will help you reduce the potential for errors in your employee contribution data and queries from the fund when they process the contributions.

    EmployerTICK compares the employee details you provide against information in the ATO client register and returns either a 'matched' or 'unmatched' response.

    To access the service you must:

    • have an active Australian business number (ABN)
    • be registered as an employer with the ATO (if you pay PAYG withholding, you're registered)
    • have an AUSkey that permits access to the service.

    EmployerTICK is available as a:

    • single service – you'll need SBR-enabled software
    • bulk service – you create a data file in a set structure and upload it to the Business Portal using the file transfer function.

    You can provide authority for a service provider, such as a clearing house, to access EmployerTICK on your behalf.

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