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  • Technical update to rollover message: ConversationID and PartID specifications

    Testing of the new message standard for SuperStream has identified an issue with the length of the ConversationID and PartID fields within the message structure.

    At present, there is no maximum limit specified for these fields which may mean receiving entities are unable to store the entire data value due to its length. This will also prevent the receiver from responding to the sender with the necessary IDs for tracking and reconciling messages.

    To address this, we recommend that:

    • the maximum length for ConversationID is 80 characters
    • the maximum length for PartID is 40 characters
    • the allowed characters be extended to include
      • alphanumeric
      • period
      • hyphen
      • underscore.

    While the specification provides maximum lengths, we recommend using shorter values where practical to improve useability for human interaction. Hyphens and underscores should also be avoided by the sender in the short term.

    Subject to further public consultation, the legal instrument setting out standard specifications will be amended at the next change window scheduled for December 2013.

    Note: This change should be applied by all funds and developers as soon as possible, although workarounds can be used in the short term to avoid implementation delays.

    Further information

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