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  • EmployerTICK user guide

    For employers and their intermediaries. How to use the EmployerTICK service to validate employee identity details.

    The purpose of this document is to supply employers (and their intermediaries) with guidance on how to use the EmployerTICK service to confirm employee identity details.

    This user guide explains the operation of the of the EmployerTICK service (referred to as ETIC.0002 in Standard Business Reporting (SBR) development artefacts).

    Employers interact with SBR and EmployerTICK in different ways depending on how it is integrated with their internal business systems. Refer to your procedures and, or support area for information regarding the interaction between EmployerTICK and your internal systems.

    Revised user guides will be released for future enhancements to the service.

      Last modified: 22 Mar 2021QC 39672