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  • Electronic funds transfer codes

    We supply the electronic funds transfer (EFT) code to enable payments to be made by BPAY®, direct credit or direct debit.

    If you require an EFT code for your client to pay an account by BPAY, direct credit or direct debit, the portal will automatically calculate the EFT code. The EFT code is used to ensure that the payment is posted to the correct client account and for the correct payment type. This code may vary from account to account.

    How to obtain an EFT code from the portal

    Login to the portal and enter your client's Australian business number (ABN) under Your clients on the home page, then:

    • select Payment options from the drop-down menu
    • select Search, and the Payment options account selection screen will display
    • select the relevant account and select Go
    • the Payment options details screen for the account you have selected will be displayed
    • the EFT code will be displayed under Electronic funds transfer (EFT) code
    • if you would like to access another account for that client, select Change account.

    You cannot search for withholder payer number (WPN) clients from the portal home page.

    You will need to use the Your clients -Directory and search for the WPN client by name or by selecting Show list.

    Find out more:

    If you require further assistance locating or identifying the EFT code, phone 1800 815 886 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday or contact us via email at

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