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  • Financial institution account details

    You can use the BAS Agent Portal to enter, update or delete clients' financial institution account details for any active activity statement roles. These tasks can be performed through the Client details screen.

    We will only pay tax refunds into a recognised financial institution account located in Australia. The account provided must be held by one of the following:

    • the client, either solely or jointly
    • the client's registered BAS agent
    • a legal practitioner acting as trustee or executor for the client.

    When adding or updating financial institution account details, you must provide:

    • a BSB code – six numbers
    • an account number – between one and nine numbers
    • a full account name – name of the entity that the account is held by; this must be the name of one of the following:  
      • the business entity
      • the entity jointly with other entities
      • the registered tax agent of the entity
      • the legal practitioner acting as a trustee or executor for the entity.

    To update financial institution account details, standard AUSkey users must have been given functional authorisation by an Access Administrator through Access Manager.

    If you intend to make a refund request for a client using the portal, first ensure their financial institution account details are up to date.

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    Detailed help on financial institution account details is available on Portal Help:

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