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  • Payment slips

    Using the BAS Agent Portal, you can view payment options and download and print personalised payment slips for your clients.

    Where to start

    Login to the portal and:

    • enter the client's Australian business number (ABN) under Your clients on the home page
    • select Payment options from the drop-down menu and select Search.

    Alternatively, you can find your client's details using the Client directory.

    Viewing and using payment slips

    When you select Payment slip, a new window will open containing account information and the payment options available.

    The payment slip displays in Portable Document Format (PDF) in a new browser window.

    The portal will gather your client's information from our systems and a payment slip will be prepared with their personalised data, excluding the payment dollar ($) value.

    After printing, complete the amount being paid before making the payment.

    The payment slip lists various payment options.

    If paying at the post office, the barcode must be included and all information displayed below the dotted line is printed on a single page. The payment slip and payment must be presented together.

    Photocopies or faxed copies of payment slips are not accepted by us or Australia Post.

    If you are having difficulties, refer to Browser settings for viewing and printing.

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    See also:

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