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  • Portal reports

    The portal can generate a selection of online reports which provide information on your clients' activities with us. Some reports are generated 'on demand' while others are pre-generated.

    Choose ‘reports’ from the ‘Client view’ drop down menu to produce a list of all reports relevant to your selected client, along with the date that each report was last updated.

    Report types

    • On demand  
      • The Outstanding activity statement report lists all of your clients' outstanding activity statements for the current financial year and the previous three years.
      • This report contains up-to-date information at the time the report was requested and should be available for download overnight.
    • Pre-generated  
      • Pre-generated reports are updated regularly and provide historical and current information for your clients. The date when the data was refreshed is shown on each report.

    The pre-generated reports available are:

    • Client account running balance
    • Pay as you go (PAYG) instalment
    • Year to date interest summary
    • Year to date revenue product summary
    • Year to date excise revenue product summary.
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