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  • Client directory

    The client directory displays a full list of all your clients ‒ that is, all taxpayers that that your registered agent number is recorded against in our specific systems.

    Access the directory by selecting Your Clients – Directory from the left menu.

    Choose to display a full list of all your clients or a customised list of client information. From the list you can select a specific client and navigate to their various details.

    When using the portal to add, update or remove a client record, see your changes reflected immediately in the client directory.

    Use the directory to check that all your clients are listed and to take action to add new clients or remove clients who you no longer represent.

    You cannot search for a client using a withholder payer number (WPN).

    Why some clients may not be included

    • Security-assessed clients – classified by us as 'security assessed' will not appear on the client directory. For privacy reasons, we have restricted access to these clients and their details will not be shown on the portal.
    • Restricted clients – classified as 'restricted' will not appear on the client directory. You can restrict who can view a client's details using Access Manager. You may want to do this for clients you have deemed to be 'sensitive', such as high-profile people, politicians or even your own records.

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