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  • ELS gateways

    Your ELS registration approval letter advises which gateway is your primary gateway address. You should use your primary gateway whenever possible.

    Activity statements

    You can only receive your clients' activity statements via ELS by using your primary gateway. Once statements have been issued, they are available in your ELS mailbox.


    Using your primary gateway is the only way you will receive reports that you have requested to receive, such as:

    • due lodgment report
    • activity statement summary report
    • activity statement lodgment report
    • electronic funds transfer (EFT) reconciliation statement.

    Downloading activity statements and reports

    Once connected to the ELS, you will be asked to receive all outstanding reports, including activity statements, as you won't be able to transmit more data until your mailbox has been cleared.

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    When to use a secondary gateway

    Only use a secondary gateway when your primary gateway is unavailable.

    We undertake scheduled maintenance when we upgrade our systems. You can see when maintenance is scheduled by logging into ELS and checking the gateway bulletin and systems maintenance and issue.

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    Changing gateways

    Each software package is different:

    • some automatically log you on to the next available gateway
    • some will prompt you to change the gateway you lodge through.

    To change gateways, you will need to refer to the user manual for the software package you use.

    You must change back to your primary gateway once it is available or you won't receive previously requested activity statements and reports.

    Gateways and validation reports

    You can only retrieve a validation report from the gateway you used to lodge a form.

    If you use a secondary gateway, make sure you have the validation report for any lodged forms before switching back to your primary gateway.

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