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  • ELS passwords

    Updating passwords

    ELS passwords must be updated at least every 30 days.

    You can update a password whenever you want. However, each software product operates differently, so anyone in your practice using the ELS needs to be familiar with your software product. Check the software's website help for this information.

    Incorrect and forgotten passwords

    If you enter the wrong password, you can try again.

    After six consecutive incorrect attempts, you will be locked out of your account.

    Locked out

    If you become locked out, you will need to contact us to reset your password and unlock your account by:

    • using the ELS password reset form in Online forms in the Tax Agent Portal
    • phoning us on 13 72 86 and using Fast Key Code 3 1.

    Forgotten password

    If you have forgotten your password, it needs to be reset.

    To have your password reset, contact us:

    • using the ELS password reset form in Online forms in the Tax Agent Portal
    • by phoning 13 72 86 on Fast Key Code 3 1.

    Receiving your new ELS password from us

    When we reset your ELS password, in most instances we will send your new ELS password via a secure message to your portal Practice inbox, even if you have phoned us.

    You will need to make sure you are set up to access portal mail messages. A secure message will be sent to your portal practice inbox along with an email notification.

    If you don't have access to your portal practice inbox, you need to speak to an AUSkey administrator to see if your access needs to be updated, otherwise they will need to allocate any messages to you.

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