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  • New way to view tax accounts

    As part of the Activity statement financial processing project we have made a number of improvements to make it easier for you to view your clients account in Online services for agents.

    These changes include:

    • activity statement and franking deficit tax accounts are now in a single system
    • simplified transaction descriptions using abbreviations for common tax types
    • a summarised view of statement of account transactions, letting you expand and see full account transaction lists
    • for tax agents, you can see pay as you go (PAYG) withholding director penalty accounts against individual director tax file numbers
    • activity statement payment plans include direct debit options
    • activity statement due dates incorporate your eligible concessional due dates, meaning your clients will also see the same due date.

    This change has laid the foundation for future enhancements. We will continue to focus on delivering a reliable and contemporary experience for you and will keep you updated on what's to come in the Tax professionals newsletter.

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    Last modified: 14 Jan 2020QC 61106