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  • Cash is no longer king

    Through data matching, we have identified approximately 45,000 small businesses around the country that do not have merchant payment facilities and who we believe deal mainly in cash transactions.

    We are contacting these businesses to explain the benefits of offering a variety of payment options. Some of these may be your clients. If they are, we will send you a copy of the letter and a client list.

    You can help your clients make the switch from cash and paper to electronic payments and record keeping by letting them know about the benefits. Some of these include:

    • it is easier for them to transfer information to you at lodgment time
    • there are fewer mistakes
    • there is less chance of us contacting them
    • they are meeting customer expectations of being able to pay electronically.

    If they have made mistakes, encourage them to come forward and make a voluntary disclosure. We may be able to reduce or waive any penalties that might arise.

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