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  • 2020 FBT returns

    The lodgment and payment due date for all 2019–20 fringe benefits tax (FBT) annual returns not already lodged has been automatically deferred to 25 June 2020. This recognises the impacts that COVID-19 has had for you and your clients.

    You can request an FBT client list through Practice mail in Online services for agents. Select the Fringe benefits tax topic and Agent request for electronic FBT client list subject. This will help you check which of your clients need to:

    • lodge a 2020 FBT return
    • lodge a non-lodgment advice.

    If your clients do not need to lodge an FBT return for 2020, you must let us know as early as possible to avoid processing delays. You can do this by attaching your client's FBT non-lodgment advice form to a Practice mail message, using the Fringe benefits tax topic and FBT non-lodgment advice subject.

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    Last modified: 12 May 2020QC 62600