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  • Checking progress of returns online

    This tax time continues to be busier than usual for those in the tax profession.

    You can save yourself time and check the status of your clients' lodged tax returns and reasons for processing delays without phoning us, by using the self-serve options through Online service for agents.

    To view your clients' lodgments and the progress of their tax returns in Online services for agents:

    • at the Client summary select Lodgments then Income tax, then select the History tab
    • check the status outcome provided for In progress returns. Click the down arrow for more information, including an estimated assessment issue date or reason message. The reason message might include details of what may be causing a processing delay.

    You can also find this information on the weekly Tax return status report email we send you. Your clients will first appear on the weekly report 10 days after lodgment. They will remain on this report each week until we finish processing their returns.

    As we process your clients' tax returns, the status and outcome you see in Online services for agents may differ to the details provided in the Tax return status report.

    You can use this information to let your clients know about the progress of their returns and help them understand when they may receive their notice of assessment (NOA), based on their individual circumstances.

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