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  • Deferral requests during peak lodgment periods

    We may require the full 28-day processing time to finalise your deferral requests in the lead up to our peak lodgment period.


    • you may not need to request a deferral for some entities' tax returns with a lodgment due date of 15 May 2022 (or next business day). You can lodge these returns up until 5 June 2022 (or next business day) provided your clients pay any liability by this date.
    • you can request a deferral for eligible lodgment obligations at any time by completing the relevant deferral application form in full and sending it to us via Online services for agents Practice mail.

    To avoid processing delays, don't re-send additional deferral requests for the same client within the 28-day processing period.

    If you lodge before we process your deferral request, we will automatically remove any penalties or interest imposed where we approve the deferral.

    If you are experiencing longer-term difficulties with your lodgment program, we may be able to assist you with a supported lodgment program.

    Last modified: 14 Apr 2022QC 69252