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    Extra time for new clients

    If you take on new or re-engage previous clients that have overdue tax returns, you can request additional time to lodge their overdue tax returns if their 2018 tax return is due by 31 October 2018.

    Complete the Deferral application for new or re-engaged clients with overdue tax returns form and send it to us through the Tax Agent Portal. You can only use an application for additional time to lodge for your client's overdue tax returns if the 2018 return is due by 31 October 2018. This application form cannot be used for any other obligations.

    The usual period allowed is 42 days from the date of request. If you need more than six weeks, use the ATO assessed deferrals process.

    Later this year you will be able to use Online services for agents to see all outstanding obligations that require action for your new clients in one place.

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    Last modified: 10 Oct 2018QC 56981