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  • Lodgment reminder for Child Care Subsidy and Family Tax Benefit recipients

    If your client or their partner has not lodged their 2021 Individual tax returns by 30 June 2022, Services Australia may stop their access to their Child Care Subsidy (CCS). This means they will have to pay the full cost of their childcare.

    Recipients of the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) are also required to lodge their 2021 tax returns by 30 June 2022 in order to receive their correct FTB payment amount.

    We understand that the recent floods may have affected you or your clients’ ability to access records and complete their lodgments. While your client may qualify for a lodgment deferral with us (the ATO), a deferral to lodge after 30 June 2022 will not prevent Services Australia from stopping your client’s access to the CCS or the FTB.

    If any of your clients (or their partners) are unable to complete their outstanding lodgments before the deadline, Services Australia can assist those with special circumstances. Advise your affected clients to call Services Australia on 13 61 50 to discuss their situation.

    If your client is not required to lodge a tax return for the 2020–21 year but has not yet informed us or Services Australia, you should:

    • notify us that a return is not necessary before 30 June 2022, and
    • advise your client to also notify Services Australia directly.

    For all enquiries regarding the Child Care SubsidyExternal Link and the Family Tax BenefitExternal Link, or the time limits for providing family incomeExternal Link details, please contact Services AustraliaExternal Link.

    Last modified: 01 Apr 2022QC 69180