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  • New correspondence for some clients with multiple outstanding obligations

    From June 2022, some of your clients may receive new correspondence which includes information about both their outstanding lodgment and payment obligations. These letters will issue to clients who have failed to resolve their outstanding obligations, despite our previous attempts to engage.

    As you know, we scaled back our collection action due to recent disasters and COVID-19. As we move to a new 'normal', were recommencing stronger actions, especially where there is evidence that a client is choosing not to comply with their obligations. The new letter is worded more strongly as it is designed for those who have not responded to our previous communication.

    In the past, our communication with taxpayers has focussed on either lodgment obligations or outstanding debts. We've received feedback that it's more efficient and effective for taxpayers and agents to receive one letter showing all outstanding obligations.

    If your client receives one of these letters, we hope they will engage with you to bring their lodgments up to date and enter into a payment plan. You can also encourage them to contact us so that we can work with them to get back up to date with their debts.

    Support is available if there are circumstances beyond your control preventing you from lodging your client's returns on time. Depending on the issues you're facing, you may be able to submit a lodgment program deferral or additional assistance via the supported lodgment program.

    If your client has one or more prior year tax returns overdue as at 30 June, their current year tax return due date is 31 October. If all overdue prior year tax returns are lodged by 31 October 2022, the 2022 tax return will be due according to your normal lodgment program.

    Last modified: 29 Jun 2022QC 69957