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  • 10 things to know this tax time

    Tax time is here and we have developed a list of important things you need to know this year.

    1. We have resources you can use to educate your clients about their obligations. Share our Tax Time Toolkits with your clients to help them get their tax returns right.
    2. You can use Online services for agents to access details of your clients' processed tax returns (from 2010 onwards) even if you didn't prepare or lodge the return. You can view your clients' outstanding obligations, make payment arrangements and check the progress of tax returns in real time.
    3. Employers reporting through Single Touch Payroll (STP) are no longer required to provide payment summaries, and instead will finalise income statements for their employees. This information is available to your clients through their myGov account (if they have one) linked to the ATO or you can access it through Online services for agents, the Tax Agent Portal or through pre-fill in your practice management software.
    4. This year, employers have until 31 July to finalise their employees' income statements. Employers don’t need to wait, as they can do this as soon as the information is ready. In future years, employers will need to finalise income statements by 14 July.
    5. To reduce the risk of mistakes and amendments to tax returns, you should wait until your client's income statements are ‘Tax ready’ before lodging. Most pre-fill information will be available by mid-August.
    6. If your client has their myGov account linked to the ATO, or they create a new one, we will direct some communications to their myGov Inbox. You should continue to check Communication history in Online services for agents and the Client communication list function in the Tax Agent Portal to see copies of communications we send to them. Let your clients know that if they don’t already have a myGov account, they do not need one for you to lodge their tax return.
    7. Private health insurance providers are no longer required to send end-of-year information directly to policy holders. The details will be included in pre-fill information.
    8. Should proposed changes to the new low and middle income tax offset become law after we process your clients' 2018–19 tax returns, we will amend their assessments to add any additional credits. You will not need to request amendments.
    9. Line entry deduction data for labels D1 to D15 will be included in your client's tax return for 2018–19 and future years.
    10. We will send you weekly progress of return emails to let you know about possible delays. These will occur from 10 days post-lodgment and will eventually replace the 30-day Delayed Refund Report.

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    Last modified: 02 Jul 2019QC 59509