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  • Business industry codes can change

    Some of your clients’ businesses may have grown or diversified and their main business activity or business type has changed. It is a good idea to check your clients' industry code is up to date, and make sure it describes the main activity of your clients' current business.

    You can use the Business industry code tool to help you check your client's business industry codes are still correct. If your clients have multiple businesses, select the code for the activity that results in the highest gross income or smallest loss.

    Using the correct industry code helps to:

    • prevent delays in the processing of your clients' tax returns
    • stop us contacting you unnecessarily about your clients
    • reduce the risk of your clients being incorrectly selected for compliance activities
    • ensure you receive information relevant to your clients' business types.

    If you need to update your clients' codes:

    • enter the new code on their next income tax returns
    • make changes on the ABRExternal Link.

    If a clients' industry is not represented in our benchmarks, you can use the information in our annual publication Taxation statistics.

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